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This surgical platform provides you with a broad variety of surgical courses worldwide. You can attend and continue to acquire the skills needed to be the best health care provider. We provide you with the leading source for worldwide conferences and continuing medical education. Search our platform for national and international conferences to efficiently locate events that meet your professional needs — all in one place.

How does it work?

All educational courses gathered in one place.
The platform at SurgicalEvents automatically updates our course catalogue in order to bring you up-to-date surgical courses, programs, symposiums and conferences in one place. It gives you an easy access and overview.
Search freely across countries, education levels and types of courses. We have collected surgical courses in one place and we continuously expand with new courses.

The idea

The idea of SurgicalEvents originated during our path to becoming Plastic Surgery residents due to the lack of transparency in the possibilities of further surgical education. The vision is to create easy access to great and relevant surgical courses worldwide. With the help of a number of our colleagues, including doctors, professionals in Digital Transformation and Cognitive Consultants, a team has been created around SurgicalEvents. The team consists of doctors and developers worldwide which is constantly expanding to provide the best framework for medical education.

Anything we missed?

Have you been to a great course that you can recommend which is not available at SurgicalEvents? Please contact us below and tell us all about it!

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Our mission at SurgicalEvents is to establish an approachable and easy-to-use platform connecting health professionals and course providers. Our platform has been developed for the purpose of a quick and easy overview and transparency of relevant continuing education, thereby helping to ensure a high academic level for health professionals.

— SurgicalEvents

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